Welcome to Warsaw!

My name is Anna Pawlina. Warsaw is my home town. I have graduated from Warsaw University with Master Degree in Geography. I travelled a lot all over the world. So I trust I know the travelers' needs very well. I know different nationalites look for different kind of experience and are interested in different things. I try to make every tour really special and unforgetable. I always listen to clients' wishes and I try to do everything to fulfill them.

I would love to take you on a tour around Warsaw to show you the best of it. My recommendation would also be to go outside of the city and see the beauty of Polish countryside. I can organise your tour not only in Warsaw but all over Poland. I can do it for individuals, families, groups of friends or companies.

People coming to Poland very often don't really know what their expectations are. My mission is to show the beauty of Poland, a place I consider as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which offers an amazing variety of landscape, nature, ecological food, rich local culture and unique attractions. Poland is a perfect destination for your next exciting holiday. Come and enjoy. 

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